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Christmas at Summit

December 24, 2016

Why THIS story? 

Why is the birth of a child in the east celebrated by billions of people thousands of years later? Why will people everywhere, on night like this one, cram into chapels and auditoriums to remember the baby Jesus? Very little is known about his birth, even what we think we know, isn’t known for sure. Were there animals at his birth? Or, 3 wise men? Was there even a manger? On this night, when we pause to remember Jesus’ birth, maybe we should to unpack why it is we remember. To do that, we need to start by looking at the history into which he entered, and the scriptural accounts recording this significant birth. The birth of the baby Jesus by an unwed teenage mother through the power of the Holy Spirit, into a world of oppression, into a time of civil rebellion, and  to a people who had been awaiting the arrival… of a Savior.


December 24, 2016