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Christmas at Summit

December 23-24th, 2017 

For centuries, Christians have gathered on the eve of the celebration of the birth of Christ. But the gathering wasn’t just a party, it was a practice, a spiritual practice. See, some spiritual practices have been turned into empty rites or rituals, empty religious activity. A, ‘going through the motions’ if you will. But beneath the surface of many of these things, is meaning and purpose that has been lost along the way.

And, on this day we engage one particular practice that we only participate in one time each year, the lighting of candles. This practice is full of symbolism and meaning at Christmas time.


This Christmas, we read through the gospel of Matthew and see that Jesus had a family from the wrong side of the tracks. We see  how the story of Jesus contained—and would continue to contain—the flawed and afflicted. People who’d gone through dark moments, turn-around stories that no one ever thought could be turned around. Sounds a lot like us, right? We all go through dark times, wish we could turn around but can’t seem to do it on our own and make it last.

On that dark night so long ago, a light entered the darkness of the world. A Savior, Jesus. He enters into the darkest of our moments, then and now. This Christmas celebration is an announcement in the dark and cold of winter, that light and life are growing again and it is a symbol of what God can, and will do, in you.