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More than an internship.

What is SLC?

8-Week Summer Intensive for Ages 17-25 (high school seniors – young adults)

The Objective:

The Summit Leadership Collective exists to develop and prepare a generation of leaders capable of advancing the mission of Jesus in an increasingly secular and pluralistic world.  Participants discover how to live interpersonally with a gospel dynamic. They will learn how to communicate grace and truth in a way that forms and engages disciples in a post-christian world. They will understand how to execute visionary leadership and develop their unique giftedness and contribution to the kingdom of Jesus. The collective is about forming leaders into people who have a passion to join others and God in the renewal of all things; living out the gospel as contextualized missionaries, no matter their career or vocation.

What to Expect:

Participants experience transformational learning by engaging content in the context of community, receiving individualized coaching, and gaining exposure to proven leaders, while cultivating character, discovering calling, and participating in practical ministry leadership and service.

Should a participant continue in the Collective, each consecutive year will expand upon the previous year’s experience.

Summer Intensive:

During the Summer Intensive, participants will choose a ministry department in which to focus their efforts and talents.

  • Love working with kids? We’ve got them and we want you to help us create fun experiences and teach truth to them!
  • Love creating environments where community is built and transformational growth happens? Our discipleship team would love to take your passion even further!
  • Love creating videos? Our media team wants to invest in your talent to tell the story of God through video.
  • Love leading worship? We would love to pair you up with other talented worship leaders that want to take your gifts to the next level!

In addition to your department work, you will attend weekly staff meetings as well as engage in the Collective learning huddles. Huddles offer ongoing discipleship training and leadership development in a small group environment that focuses on topics such as:

  • Leading Yourself Well
  • Life Rhythms
  • The Mission of God
  • The Gospel
  • The Church
  • Dynamics of Teamwork
  • and more  

We’re looking forward to getting to know you and helping you engage your faith.

How do I learn more?